Convocatoria extendida! Hasta el 30 de noviembre

Extended deadline! Until November 30th

El Ventilador — Festival Internacional de Cine de Animación de Santa Fe — 4° edición


About your work
The title of your work.
Must be less than 400 characters length.
Stop motion, 2D drawings, 3D digital, experimental, cut out, mix, other
Full name of the director. List all director's full names if there is more than one.
The country in which the work was made. List all countries if there is more than one.
The year of release.
Two numbers for each: hours, minutes, seconds (hh:mm:ss). Must be colon separated.
Example: for children / for adults. Optional.
Link to website or project page in social network (like Facebook page, Twitter account)

Work media

The next field is very important because is the way you provide the work to the Festival.

Link to the work in the Internet. The work could be self-hosted or uploaded into a file sharing service like Dropbox, Mega, Google Drive or any other service that doesn't expire.
If the link requires a password, provide it here. Optional.

Next please upload two images. They could be two frames of the work or one frame and one poster or press kit.

About you

As the submitter you will be the person the Festival will reach, so we need your contact information.

Your role in the work submitted.
Please include all codes for country and area.

This submission assumes knowledge and total agreement of the terms and conditions for El Ventilador: Festival Internacional de Cine de Animación de Santa Fe 4° edición. Any issue not covered by the terms and conditions will be solved by the Festival’s organizing committee.