Terms and Conditions

El Ventilador
International Animation Film Festival, Santa Fe, Argentina
3rd Edition

Terms and conditions

1. Organization and Date
1.1 El Ventilador, International Animation Film Festival, invites filmmakers to participate in its third edition. The meeting will be held on March 2016  in Santa Fe city, Argentina.

1.2 It should be noted that the festival is organized by Cinema LaCalor, a cultural group promoting Animation Films of Santa Fe, Argentina and the world (more information: www.cinemalacalor.com.ar)

1.3 The Festival goals are:
- Promoting animated audiovisual works as a means of expression and communication, both from Santa Fe and worldwide.

- Encourage the recognition of animation as an art form in its many dimensions: technical, stylistic, as a social product, as a cultural good, etc.

- To serve as a meeting space for reflection and exchange between the different sectors that contribute to this cultural industry.

- Encouraging the production, distribution and exhibition of animation in the region.

- Promote specific training bodies in the area.

2. Selection

2.1 The festival committee will select the films to be presented in the sections of the festival. The festival will be non-competitive.

2.2 To be selected is not required to be premiere in Argentina. Participatation is allowed for films which have already been exhibited at any other festivals in Argentina or abroad.

2.3 Participation is allowed for works made from 2012 to date.

2.4 The publication of the results will be done through social networks and the festival website on February 29 2016. In addition, the selected filmmakers will be notified by email.

2.5 All materials presented will be added to the festival archives, which involves not returning them.

2.6 The deadline for submissions and registration is February 15, 2016.

2.7 Films that have been submitted to any of the previous Festival editions will not be accepted.

2.8 The decisions made by the Selection Committee are final and are at its discretion.

2.9 The organizers aren't committed to promote all the received  material. The exhibition arrangement is responsibility of the Festival artistic direction.

2.10 After the selection the authors, directors or producers can't request the film to be removed from the Festival.

2.11 All those authors whose works are selected for the exhibition will receive a Certificate of Participation in the Exhibition and the Festival Catalog via email.

2.12 El Ventilador is authorized by the authors, directors or distributors of the winning shortfilms to program their works in itinerant exhibitions.

3. Works

3.1 El Ventilador is open to the exhibition of animated films of any genre, theme, format and medium. Whether professionally made or made by amateurs or made as part of educational institutions. The works deserving special interest will be films where the artistic search and experimentation can be appreciated, either in the narrative or in the asthetic.

There is no limit to the number of works that each director or producer can send. In each case, you must complete an online entry form for each work and respect the shipping instructions.

Unfinished series can be presented as long as they have at least one chapter complete.

3.2 The Festival's official language is Spanish. In the case that the work includes dialogues in another language, a Spanish subtitle must be providen.

3.3 The filmmakers must own the rights of the works they present.

3.4 The works that use images and / or pre-existing sounds will be accepted under the responsibility of the participant, in regard to original rights on third parties. The filmmakers will be responsible for claims of any nature that third parties may make regarding their contribution to production, copyright, inclusion, interpreters, etc.

4. Categories

a) Features (over 45 'long)
b) Short films (up to 45 'in length)
c) TV Series or Internet (1 chapter - pilot)
d) Videoclips
e) Others

5. Registration

5.1 The registration is free, there is no cost that restricts participation.

5.2 Those interested in participating in the pre-selection should follow these steps:

1. Complete the online entry form, available at http://inscripcion.cinemalacalor.com.ar

2. Send the work by one of the following ways:

a) Online (in the form): sharing the URL of the work for viewing and subsequent discharge through: dropbox, mega, google drive or other data transfer manager whose link does not have an expiration date.

b) Mail, to the following address:

Festival "The Fan" III
Dorrego 5801
Santa Fe, Argentina

5.3 The expenses incurred by sending the copy of the film as well as promotional materials or registration shall be borne by whoever registers the job.

5.4 For works sent by mail, the envelope must include the words: "for cultural purposes only, no commercial value".

5.5 Formats sending any kind of digital format that respects the following will be accepted:

Resolution: 1920x1080 px or 720x576 px (minimum).
Format: MPEG4 or MOV QuickTime which is in H.264 compression

5.3 Alongside the material can also attach a press kit (trailer, poster, logo of the producer, etc.) which are used as promotional material for the festival. The inclusion of this press kit is not mandatory, it is up to each participant.

6. Awards and mentions

6.1 The festival will feature a "competitive section" with the viewing of a qualified jury convened by the organizing committee will select those productions that deserve to be rewarded. They also receive a statuette of the festival.

On the other hand, whose production will be recognized by a mention of the public and a mention of the selection committee of Cinema Lacalor not competitive sections.

7. Acceptance of the Rules

7.1 All participants, by the mere fact of submitting are fully accepting these bases. In case of any problems not covered by them, this will be decided by the committee of the festival organizers.

8. Contact

To contact the festival, send an email to: fica.elventilador@gmail.com

El Ventilador

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Cinema LaCalor

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